The aim of the project was to prepare a training application for new employees of the company with the machine tool installation process in virtual reality.
VR application consists of 2 parts – the first of them is a tutorial in which we learn how to use the HTC Vive equipment and wider VR and which buttons on the controllers are used to perform various activities inside the virtual room where we go through the entire training. The second part of the application is already the specific tasks, which will be done in accordance with the rules, and requirements in the company. At the end, the machine should be properly installed and configured in a given place and ready to work.

The VR training application can help to saves time, funds and space for training and reduces the need for third parties to transfer knowledge to new employees while maintaining the correct training process in the company.
Employees can learn procedures at any time and repeat actions until they are mastered them. Undoubtedly, such a trained person and equipped with the knowledge how to correctly and in what order the machine should be installed at the company’s clients easily can start work in his position.
By doing each step alternately, thanks to VR controllers, we are able to perform actions exactly as in the real world. We use items like screwdriver, screws, keys, ladder and contours to pass the machine installation training. We see hints if we do not know what we should do in the next step. At the end of the training, the trainee but also the tutor sees whether the correct order of tasks was been maintained and whether all of them have been completed in accordance with the rules.

The application has been prepared using the Unity engine. The process of creating project was very complicated, it started with the implementation of accurate photos and reference video from the assembly of the actual machine and its modeling 3D in high-quality, reproducing each, even the smallest detail. All 3D models were made with due care and scale using design plans. To create this training, extensions have been used to unify keymapping on all platforms. The application works with all VR goggles which are known today, but it was created mainly on HTC VIVE.

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