ASP Cracow Virtual Reality Event

Mojo Apps on 7-9.01.2019, at the invitation of the Textile and Garment Design Studio of the Interior Architecture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts Jan Matejko in Krakow, took part in the International Scientific-Artistic Conference DRESS CODE THINKING.

We presented during the presentation what is the virtual reality technology and what the VR global market looks like, as well as what applications are already available for designing and drawing in VR.
For the students of the Academy of Fine Arts, we have prepared a workshop on using the Tilt Brush application, which is used to draw in virtual space.

Each student had 40 minutes to prepare their own project. After that time the project was saved as a 3D file, ready to be developed in the future. Fantastic fully 3D visualizations of drawings made with your own hands were possible to do with an extensive set of brushes and a variety of colors available in the Tilt Brush application. We are glad that the VR workshops were so popular and were highly rated by all participants. took part in our International Scientific-Artistic Conference DRESS CODE THINKING, presenting a very fascinating lecture about using of virtual reality and available applications related to design in VR. Representatives of the company enabled students the application for designing and drawing in 3D with an opportunity to create their first projects in VR, which aroused positive reactions of everyone and helped us to make sure that it is worth to use modern technological tools in our designer’s scope. Thank you for your support and token participation in the event.

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ASP Cracow
Virtual Reality Event
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