The aim of this project was to prepare a mobile application for Android and iOS systems for the Italian driving school. In this way, they wanted to give trainees the opportunity to acquire knowledge in an interesting, engaging and unusual way to let them solve tasks with the help of their smartphones and interactive scenes in augmented reality. Based on 15 examples – scenes, the application is shown the traffic rules.

The Autoscuola app lets you check and get knowledge in an easy and pleasant way. The use of 3D scenes and animations in the application and the necessity to select the sequence of moving cars at intersections, allow the person to understand how to behave correctly in such circumstances in a real life in the future.
Noteworthy is the fact that the use of augmented reality has allowed the driving school to equip its students with an effective, attractive and learning-friendly tool, which attracts new students who are used to using new technologies and solutions every day. Otherwise, this application gives our client a huge advantage over the competitors.

Development process:
The project was completed within 2 months. The AR application was created on the Unity 3D engine. Our team made it launchable for Android and iOS systems. The EasyAR library was used to recognize previously prepared graphics-markers, on the basis of which was launched the appropriate 3D animations. The mobile application uses augmented reality technology, which is the main feature and it gives many benefits to the user.

Project info

Estrema, Włochy
AR application
Augmanted reality, application, traffic rules