The aim of this project was to create an architectural visualization in 3D of three residential buildings together with the nearest surroundings: garden, streets, small decorative elements. 3D visualization can improve the sales process of buildings that are currently in the early construction phase.


The creation process is very complex, it begins from the verification of input materials and detailed verification. Then follows modeling of architectural visualization, creation of UV maps and texturing. And finally, rendering the building and its surroundings. The implementation of the entire project with exterior and interior of the buildings took about two months.


The opportunity to observe as in real life

In 2D projects it is difficult to imagine how a building looks like in details. But in 3D, you give yourself and your clients the opportunity to see the building as it will look in reality, even though the buildings are not built yet or are in the early construction phase.


Thanks to the use of three-dimensional technology, the company has a chance for faster implementation of the project, and thus in a shorter time, to find mistakes before the production of prototypes, fixing various shortcomings at the design stage costs hundreds times less than at the production stage and will be much cheaper than physical reconstruction. By adding virtual reality to this project, you can get the effect of presence.

Multifunctionality and the possibility of using in various areas:

  • In advertising (3D animation that shows all advantages of the future building);
  • VR tours of the property and full immersion as it would be in a real building;
  • High-quality animations and graphics for posters with imitation of real buildings;
  • Possibility to use 3D models of buildings on the website with the possibility of showing details.
  • To get acquainted with the project;
  • For the coordination of the work of the construction and renovation brigade;
„Our work with has come to the end and we would like to thank you for help in creating our apartment complex “California Evergreen Houses” in such a beautiful and realistic style. The work schedule was very suited to us, which facilitated the development of the project and its stages. The quality of the visualization at the highest level and very photorealistic, despite the fact that materials were limited. We hope that our first collective project will initiate long-lasting and effective cooperation.„

Patrick Szydlik Founder & CEO Film360.Co

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