Build and destroy in virtual reality.

Shape the environment, boost your creativity and make your visions come true. VR is an open world game that offers extraordinary adventure and enables players to create, build or destroy any object possible. With VR, you are the creator of your own worlds and spaces. Enjoy infinite possibilites and building perspectives. Play this amazing VR game today and release your imagination. Building has never been easier as you can choose from a wide spectrum of building options and use your own ideas to create terrains, buildings or cities.

Freedom of choice

Use multiple construction modes to improve your world.

Building Blocks Mode – build your space from individual blocks.

Dynamic Construction Mode – use this mode if you would you like to accelerate the construction process.

Extreme Demolition Mode – dedicated to those who prefer to destroy things rather than build them. Choose a weapon to see how it is like to destroy any object in this completely immersive world.

Free Creation – become a sole designer of your own, unique world and create large environments from scratch.

A wide range of tools

In VR, players can use a virtual toolbox to equip themselves with a desired tool or choose cube material. The interface located in player’s hands is fully intuitive and encourages to explore.

…With VR, you are the creator of your own worlds and spaces.

Save, send, share and download

Build your own maps, send them to the platform and download other worlds for your own use.

3D Models examples:

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Oculus, Steam
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