We had a pleasure to participate in the Electrolux event, for which we prepared training in VR on health and safety principles, consisting of two virtual reality rooms, in which there were various activities to do by employees. In the first room, the guests should set the elements of the storage so that they match to health and safety regulations, and to dress the mannequin in proper attire and remove unnecessary items which the employee does not use while performing his duties. The second task concerned proper behavior on the roads and in the space between buildings in the area of storages. We presented small elements in the VR and related cases of neglected situations that may lead to fatal events. Each person in VR goggles in this scene was tasked in a creative way to solve some problematic issues related to health and safety, using, for example, a tool to draw in the space of several elements.
Training in VR presented in an interesting and interactive way to strengthen employees’ knowledge about the health and safety rules prevailing in the company.
The advantage of this type of training is the fact that it can be easily and quickly adapted to the requirements of each company and use any materials and information that we want to convey to employees and present situations that are particularly relevant and occurring only with a certain company.

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