The watch presentation as 3D model in high definition 4k


The goal of our project was to prepare the watches as 3D models in high definition 4k, to prepare textures and materials for rendering, set the lighting and render animation from various camera shots. The tasks and objectives of the project were achieved on schedule.
Below we present the effect of our work:

Animation of the watch HYPERBAR® EXTREME:

Animation of the watch HYPERBAR® SHARK:


Creating a 3D model and animation is a process in which it is needed more than one professional.

The process is very complicated, which starts from taking reference photos of the actual watch and its high-quality modeling in 3D, repeating each, even the smallest element. Then, making of the UV mapping for the 3D model – applying a two-dimensional image on the Hypertec model, which can be displayed much better than in the picture and after that setting the surroundings and lighting of the 3D scene, where you can change it to any convenient angle. And at the end, animation is done.


3D animation is very positively perceived by the human eye, and its effectiveness is 5 times greater than 2D animation. Sometimes, the use of 3D animation is the only effective form of visualization. 3D animation gives marketing departments more opportunities to show main benefits of products. You can get many benefits from 3D animation:

  • Very high quality 3D model of watches
  • Appealing lighting and the ability to show any details
  • Animation with different background and the ability to show the watch in different shots
  • Highlighting the elements and details that the producer wants to show
  • The object is drawn in as much detail as possible with all its features.


In the near future, we have plans for further work with the swiss producer of the watches – Hypertec. During our further cooperation, we intend to use high-quality 3D models of watches:

  • to preparation of the promotional posters in high resolution – up to 6k
  • using 3D models to present a three-dimensional watch on a website in excellent quality
  • the ability to use 3D models for the presentation of watches in a mobile application in augmented reality, which is much more convenient than just observe the image on the website or going to the store to see the watch on your hand.

Below is an example of an AR Application:

„Throughout the period of cooperation with, the company presented itself as a reliable and conscientious partner. The employees made 3D models for us in high-quality and made animations for the promotion of our watches taking into consideration all our goals and wishes. I would like to draw attention to the coordinated work of the team – it is the basis and engine of the project. I would like to note that the cooperation process was constructive, creative and always friendly. We hope for further productive cooperation and want to wish you good luck and prosperity.„

Hypertec Management team

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