Amazing Virtual Prototypes

Augmented Reality technology can also be successfully applied in order to display machine prototypes and enginnering projects.  Use AR to support industrial processes harnessing the power of visualization. Interact with a 3D model of a machine – use the machine before it is built and display information about its components. Finally, make further product improvements based on new data and decrease the number of accidents.

Mojo AR for Industry allows to display products or structures in real size, as well as to magnify or minimize them.

Showcase all the functionalities of your product anywhere you need to. You no longer have to be inside a factory to show the machine running. What is more, AR machine demonstrations ensure the safety of the participants.

The benefits of Augmented Reality for industry:

  • Show the inside of your device
  • Promote your products in style at fairs and industry events
  • Send a mobile app to your clients and present your merchandise
  • Add new functionalities, expand your AR app and harness new business opportunities

Are you looking for an AR application to show the features of your products and benefits to the client?  We have ready, fully tailorable sales tools for you and your company. Contact us – we can immediately  import your 3D models and implement app funcionalities of your choice.

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Augmented Reality for the industrial sector
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