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The aim of the project was to make a convenient application for the printing house, which gives their partners the opportunity to share in their books various materials in augmented reality.
The project consists of three elements: CMS, WYSIWYG editor and AR mobile application. The CMS platform is used to create and manage AR content and to track user activity. The administrator as the owner of the CMS system has the ability to manage markers (selected page of the book or leaflet) of users. With the help of a specially created WYSIWYG editor, it can create content in augmented reality. The Totem AR mobile application allows access to digital content prepared by publishing houses.


The Totem AR app allows you to revive any book. In a few simple steps, you can add digital AR content to your book, so that each page will be interactive.The application enables the printing house customers to add movies, graphics, text or symbols that are carriers of digital content (markers) to a selected page of their books. Readers can scan them using the smartphone’s camera and see digital content in augmented reality.

Next, you will see additional content in the form of links, documents to download, movies or text. Some digital content may only be available to authorized readers. Access to such content will be possible only for users registered by the publishing house and added to the list of eligible persons, or after scanning the QR code obtained with the publication. This is a very good step – give privileges to your readers.

Fairy tales, fantasy, educational literature, medicine – whatever. The most important thing is that the user, holding the phone facing the pages, scrolls through the book and receives additional interactive content on their pages.
The obvious benefits are attracting consumers’ attention with the innovative method of augmented reality with the possibility of adding many functions. The WYSIWYG editor gives you the ability to easily change the colors and textures of objects added through the application interface to suit the general style of the book.


The project was completed within four months. Our team began by analyzing customer needs and technical specifications. Then, a model mock-up of the graphic appearance of the application (UI / UX elements), the web application for data exchange and management, WYSIWYG editor architecture for creating content visible on markers, and creation of a mobile application for content display. After accepting all the elements of UX and UI as well as the prepared architecture for the project, our team began to prepare all the elements. The project was divided into 4 sprints so that the client could see the progress of work on a regular basis and make changes or updates. In the end, we carried out the Quality Assurance stage, thanks to which we eliminated the errors and went on to publish the BETA version.

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PS. Please remember that it is important to have a Totem publication that supports the Totem AR application.

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