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Virtual Reality Events

We are introducing a summary of the event organized by MojoApps especially for Żywiec Zdrój. During this corporate event, MojoApps provided unique entertainment and a wide spectrum of VR attractions to each and every participant. It was a great opportunity to try many VR games and applications such as The Lab or The Fruit Ninja as well as some amazing 360-degree videos.


Watch the video coverage of the event and discover what unusual emotions accompany VR experiences.

It was a pleasure to work together with MojoApps to provide Virtual Reality experiences to our facilities. The team is excellent and result driven. They work towards maximal customer satisfaction. MojoApps software house is fantastic to work with and has great experience in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mobile Apps. They understand complex issues even from the outside of their direct area of expertise. Definitely worth recommending.

Tomasz Trabszo, Production Manager, Żywiec Zdrój S.A.

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