AR and VR in the tire industry

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have undergone considerable expansion in recent years, being applied in new ways. In this post we are going to take a closer look at possible applications of both technologies in the tire industry.

1. Interactive product specification

AR can be used to deliver a detailed presentation of product properties displaying animated virtual 3D models, labels, tags and videos. The users can find out about the recommended use, tire performance, tread properties or various tire compounds.

2. AR at trade shows

A dedicated AR app may be used to showcase tire innovations at trade shows. Use your smartphone or tablet to scan tires and display additional information. Bridgestone were among the first tire companies to leverage the endless possibilities of Augmented Reality and are now undisputed leaders in advancements and innovations.

3. Virtual experiences

Experiential marketing is a new, growing trend, focused on delivering exciting and fun experiences to customers. Thanks to Virtual Reality anyone can have a walk inside a given company facility and observe the production process and learn the story of the brand and its products. Moreover, viewers can sit behind the steering wheel of a racing car or experience what it’s like to work at pit-stop. With the use of their VR app, Falken provided its customers and fans the amazing opportunity to take a virtual spin around the legendary Nürburgring circuit.

4. Virtual driving academies

Virtual Reality can also help raise awareness about dangerous driving distractions and share some safe driving and road safety tips.