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Our apps have the magic to show your content in the best possible way and can be tailored for any specific requirements. Whether you want to help people acquire knowledge in the most efficient way, or need to boost your marketing and double your sales, our technology of AR and VR comes to the rescue.

Discover the full potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality, explore the infinite possibilities of state of the art technologies and benefit your business today.

latest Works

Selsey APP is a real-time AR preview of furniture in your apartment.


We prepared the first stage of an implementation of the VR application in the field of training dangerous situations at the factory and in the office.


A training VR application for new employees of the company with the machine tool installation process.

OperatioMed VR
OperatioMed VR

OperatioMed VR is an application that may be used in order to prepare young doctors and paramedics for typical stressful situations in their day-to-day work. The dynamic environment, well equipped operating room and the spectrum of realistic sounds make the simulation a fully immersive and authentic experience.

Totem AR
Totem AR

Share in books various materials in AR


Akuku! is a AR mobile app that lets children play with a hologram 3D creature called Akuk.

Virtual Apartment
Virtual Apartment

Transfer yourself to our Virtual Apartment. Walk around, touch and arrange the furniture. Discover the potential of VR in the real estate industry. Today you no longer have to physically visit the places you consider buying. Instead, you can take a virtual stroll inside of them, learning the room layout, seeing the furniture and the view from the window.

Our 3D Models
Our 3D Models

Our 3D models done for different projects

Grzegorz Ziolkowski Abplanalp
Grzegorz Ziółkowski
Abplanalp Sp. z o.o.
Marketing Director has prepared for us a VR application for tutoring new employees with health and safety training and equipment handling in our company. Work on the project went smoothly and at the purposed time. We are pleased with the result and we thank Mojo Apps employees for their engagement, individual approach, and professionalism.
Tomasz Trabszo
Żywiec Zdrój S.A.
Production Manager
It was a pleasure to work together with MojoApps to provide Virtual Reality experiences to our facilities. The team is excellent and result driven. They work towards maximal customer satisfaction. MojoApps software house is fantastic to work with and has great experience in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mobile Apps. They understand complex issues even from the outside of their direct area of expertise. Definitely worth recommending.
Paul Travers
President & CEO
MojoApps offers work instructions and a suite of software tools across field service and logistics that can help streamline processes and lower costs for enterprise customers. Partnering with MojoApps will expand Vuzix’ enterprise reach in Central and Eastern Europe.
Michal Szulc
Michał Szulc
Ein herausragendes Team von ambitionierten Perfektionisten. bringt bestmögliche Ergebnisse, dadurch dass sich das Team mit seiner positiven Grundeinstellung Kundenwünschen optimal anpasst und termingerecht liefert. Es freut mich hier einen Partner an unserer Seite zu haben an den wir uns bei VR/AR-Projekten mit Vertrauen wenden können.
Piotr Saul
EG Academy of Art and Design
MojoApps prepared virtual reality experiences for us. Our students could create creative 3D drawings thanks to this amazing technology. We thank the wonderful team for their commitment and professionalism.
Paweł Poleński
Space Digital Group
CEO provides outstanding results – the team is always capable of adapting to new working environments with very positive attitude towards work. I can always rely upon to get the job done. Result driven, experienced and efficient team which is able to present creative solutions to complex problems.
Paweł Wróbel
BMG Entertainment Sp. z o. o. (Hulakula)
New Business Manager
MojoApps provided us with a dedicated VR game and a great AR presentation for our event. I sincerely recommend MojoApps as a fantastic team for Virtual Reality , Augmented Reality & Mobile Apps projects.
cutbay Krzysiek
Krzysztof Węcławowicz
The MojoApps team is really professional, well-prepared and fully committed to the tasks entrusted to it. We are very pleased with the VR Training project prepared for us.
Patrick Szydlik
Patrick Szydlik
CEO & Founder

Our work with has come to the end and we would like to thank you for help in creating our apartment complex “California Evergreen Houses” in such a beautiful and realistic style. The work schedule was very suited to us, which facilitated the development of the project and its stages. The quality of the visualization at the highest level and very photorealistic, despite the fact that materials were limited. We hope that our first collective project will initiate long-lasting and effective cooperation.

Mateusz Kusz Selsey
Mateusz Kusz
Selsey Polska Sp. z o.o.
Head of Content Development

The MojoApps team deserves a high grade not just for work efficiency but also for an individual approach. The professionalism, communication and responsiveness of MojoApps employees allowed us to establish partnership relations between our companies.

The AR mobile application is gaining more and more satisfaction among our clients, and the CMS panel helps us to automate processes effectively.

Anna Tomala Colian
Anna Tomala
Brand Manager

The MojoApps team in cooperation with the Colian Group demonstrated professionalism, the ability to achieve goals in a short time and the implementation of technologically complex tasks. MojoApps has prepared for us two marketing applications in the AR technology, which has the advantage of engaging graphics, great UX and mini games that attract the attention of our customers. The Akuku! app helped us to increase the involvement of our young customers. However, the Colian AR application enabled a competitive advantage for our employees in business talks. Thank you for your cooperation and we want to recommend the company MojoApps as a reliable business partner.

Radosław Gajda
BASF Polska
EHSQ Manager

During the BASF VR Safety training project, the employees of demonstrated very high skills. The team made a VR application for us, a CMS administrative panel and conducted a series of VR events in our facilities. The VR project allows our employees to practice in dangerous situations in a virtual and safe environment. MojoApps has a customer-oriented approach, perfectly understands the processes, requirements and needs of a large corporation such as BASF, which allows us to confidently recommend high professionalism of the company’s specialists.

Management team

Throughout the period of cooperation with, the company presented itself as a reliable and conscientious partner. The employees made 3D models for us in high-quality and made animations for the promotion of our watches taking into consideration all our goals and wishes. I would like to draw attention to the coordinated work of the team – it is the basis and engine of the project. I would like to note that the cooperation process was constructive, creative and always friendly. We hope for further productive cooperation and want to wish you good luck and prosperity.

Our Vision

At Mojo we strongly believe in the power of visually compelling and awe-inspiring content, harnessing the best of today’s technology and delivering high quality digital solutions.

Our mission is to create ideas as tangible as possible, and everyday we leverage our creativity to think outside of the box and come up with even better solutions.

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