23 Mar: AR and VR in the tire industry

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have undergone considerable expansion in recent years, being applied in new ways. In this post we are going to take a closer look at possible applications of both technologies in the tire industry.

21 Dec: A Game-changer in the Medical Industry

Technology experts and enthusiasts agree that Virtual Reality is the next big revolution in the world of technology and it is going to be as great, or even greater than the revolution initiated by the Internet. With hardware prices falling down, VR headsets and goggles are becoming more affordable and more widespread. Virtual Reality has a far greater potential than entertainment purposes only, with infinite possible applications in such industries like real estate, digital marketing and many other. Right now, VR is starting to change the medical industry and, without doubt, in the not so distant future, medical simulations will move into virtual reality, as ordinary physical simulations are too limiting and lack authenticity.

14 Dec: Augmented Reality in the Furniture Industry

AR applications enable product visualisation in every space. Thanks to their simplicity and user-friendliness, these tools make it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions. Finally, AR apps shape the image of a modern brand, which directly translates into increased sales.

21 Nov: Virtual Reality – A Revolution in Entertainment

VR entertainment is an experience in which a person is transferred into a three-dimensional space and can not only walk while watching movies recorded in 360 degrees, but also make advanced interactions with the environment. The extraordinary feeling of being transferred to another, artificially created reality, is the essence of VR.

07 Nov: 6 Examples of How Brands Use Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, since its appearance on the market, has enjoyed a great deal of interest in any well-known brand or large corporation seeking to exploit the potential of this technology. Already it is certain that VR may lead to turbulence and turmoil on the marketing, advertising and e-commerce markets, as it will change the way consumers perceive products.

28 Oct: 7 Advantages of the Use of VR and AR in the Real Estate Industry

At first, augmented and virtual reality in the real estate industry were perceived as a mere gadget. However, this has changed a lot and today it seems that soon VR and AR technology will be a real 'must have' for anyone who operates on the real estate market. We all get used to conveniences that make life easier and VR/AR technology is certainly one of these. What are the biggest benefits of this type of solution? Here are a few examples.

03 Oct: VR and AR in the Travel Industry – a New Look at Travelling and Sightseeing

Tourism is a sector focused not only on selling tours and hotel bookings but, above all, on the idea of spending free time and triggering emotions. These factors most often decide that we choose a particular place, and then when we return from our holidays, we either immediately forget about them, or remember all the attractions well and eagerly share our stories with everyone. So if our intention is to play on our emotions and awaken the full potential of our imagination, we should not hesitate to use cutting edge technologies. We can achieve this with the help of virtual and augmented reality. How is that possible? Here you can have a look at some interesting ideas.

19 Sep: Augmented Reality – the Fun Way to Boost Sales

At MojoApps AR & VR Software House we believe that learning should go along with entertainment. It is a fact that a relaxed mind is able to absorb much more information, so why not use this effect for promotion and as a means to increase brand awareness? The perfect tool that focuses the attention of the audience and makes them impressed, so that they will remember it for a very long time, is Augmented Reality (AR). Here are some suggestions on the use of it, which work well both for entertainment and marketing purposes.

06 Sep: Virtual and Augmented Reality – the Future of the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry requires a great deal of imagination which is essential at every stage of property development - from building design to interior finishing. The ability to visualise specific ideas is therefore a great enhancement for creators, contractors and customers. Now this visualisation can take place at a completely different level, because augmented reality allows us to see buildings with all the details and, thanks to virtual reality, we are able to walk inside before they are actually built or. This is the path that the entire real estate sector will certainly follow.