VR railway Russian workers training

21 Nov: VR in OHS Training

VR in OHS Training VR’s immersive capabilities will completely change and improve the way we conduct OHS (occupational health and safety). The training is a very important element in every industry, company and sector. We live, however, in times where all the accumulated knowledge and procedures used in given industries are so advanced that it is barely possible to teach them in a traditional way. Luckily, the rise of the importance and possibilities of VR and AR usage is a solution. Considerably the best method to acquire knowledge and skills has always been learning by repeating or experimenting. It is…

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14 Nov: The State of Augmented Reality Technology in 2018

Imagine a world where you look around and everywhere you look, you see overlays providing information as if you had a heads-up display in a video game. With augmented reality (AR) that world isn’t very far away, and the incredible possibilities are almost limitless. Augmented reality is a result of using technology to superimpose elements – video, images, sound or GPS data etc. to the real world around us. On the contrary, virtual reality is a way to immerse users in an entirely virtual world.

Augmented reality motor reapairing

08 Nov: In which industries can AR be used in employee training?

According to a report, 65% of the jobs of the future are not yet created. These figures cause headaches to learners, teachers and employees all over the world. The global economy forces employees to have a whole range of different skills that cannot be acquired and developed in a single job all their lives. Unfortunately, traditional learning methods are relatively ineffective in acquiring these skills. The future is difficult to predict, but it can be assumed that we are moving in the direction of visual teaching, which is the use of AR technology in employee training.

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31 Oct: EHS Training – traditional method vs virtual reality

Health and Safety Training – How many of us remember this topic as tedious lectures at universities?  The rules that must be followed in the workplace, written down on several A4 sheets, which we must read? Even in high school, we had to get through EHS lessons, remember? We remember.

AWE EU 2018 conference Expo

22 Oct: Mojo Apps at AWE UE2018

In Mojo Apps we love participating in every event which is dedicated to new technologies, both as an exhibitor and visitor. So it is obviously that we couldn’t miss AWE EU 2018 (Augmented World Expo) in Munich, Germany on October 18-19, 2018 – the European edition of the most important augmented and virtual reality conference and expo series. The event gathered more than 100 exhibitors of world-changing technologies, 100 speakers and thought leaders, and nearly 2,000 industry attendees.  That is an amazing information for an XR enthusiastics. We must say that we saw some of the craziest tech innovations during…

Augmented Reality tires shown on tablet

23 Mar: AR and VR in the tire industry

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have undergone considerable expansion in recent years, being applied in new ways. In this post we are going to take a closer look at possible applications of both technologies in the tire industry.

tablet showing Aspirin in augmented reality

15 Jan: Innovative Branding in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has already started to use Augmented Reality for educational and marketing purposes. One of the most promising digital technologies of the present has the potential to change the global pharma completely both for pharmaceutical companies and their clients.

The future of VR Label man in virtual reality googles

03 Jan: The Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality technologies will be the starting point for a new technological revolution. One day, our real world will be fully integrated with digital. Smartphones, watches, tablets, laptops – all this things will be the past. According to the forecasts of technology experts, over the next 5 years, VR devices will become as huge and popular as smartphones today. If at present day in the world sells about 14 million goggles, by 2021 this number will increase to 70 million. The largest companies buy thousands of VR helmets for employee training, and for every player this gadget is…

phone showing closest ATM in Augmented reality

28 Dec: Augmented Reality for the Bank Branch

Digital marketing and advertising, product and services visualisation, and location based services are no longer just trends in business. As other industries move forward, the banking industry moves forward as well. Technology has the power to transform how people interact. As banking is essentially about establishing long-lasting relationships with clients, we are happy to share some of our ideas for the use of AR applications by these institutions.


21 Dec: A Game-changer in the Medical Industry

Technology experts and enthusiasts agree that Virtual Reality is the next big revolution in the world of technology and it is going to be as great, or even greater than the revolution initiated by the Internet. With hardware prices falling down, VR headsets and goggles are becoming more affordable and more widespread. Virtual Reality has a far greater potential than entertainment purposes only, with infinite possible applications in such industries like real estate, digital marketing and many other. Right now, VR is starting to change the medical industry and, without doubt, in the not so distant future, medical simulations will…

IKEA furniture augmented reality

14 Dec: Augmented Reality in the Furniture Industry

AR applications enable product visualisation in every space. Thanks to their simplicity and user-friendliness, these tools make it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions. Finally, AR apps shape the image of a modern brand, which directly translates into increased sales.

Mona Lisa painting in augmented reality

21 Nov: Virtual Reality – A Revolution in Entertainment

VR entertainment is an experience in which a person is transferred into a three-dimensional space and can not only walk while watching movies recorded in 360 degrees, but also make advanced interactions with the environment. The extraordinary feeling of being transferred to another, artificially created reality, is the essence of VR. What are the advantages of this kind of VR entertainment? Unforgettable experiences and a new way to engage the users, to say the least. However, the experience alone is very difficult to describe in words. It is much easier to just give examples of the use of Virtual Reality…