Ideas for the Use of AR in the Beverage Industry

There are many creative ways to implement AR as a tool in marketing campaigns. In this article we would like to present some of our ideas for the use of Augmented Reality by brands operating in the beverage industry.

1. A brand hero presenting the product

The first solution on our list is already a well-known concept that can be successfully applied in many branches of business. Animated brand heros are impressive and funny. What is more, they can tell stories and present the qualities of a given flavour or drink variant.

2. An application that recognizes faces and adds brand related elements

Selfie filter apps are enjoying massive popularity and brands should definitely leverage this technology to develop unique relationships with their clients and increase customer loyalty.

3. Scan your bottle

Scan your bottle (or a poster) with a smartphone or tablet to learn more about the product, watch a video introduction, take a quiz and share your score and brand experience in social media.

4. A cookbook in Augmented Reality

Once again scan your bottle to open a virtual cookbook with loads of recipes for a great meal that pairs with your drink.

5. Trade your bootle or a bottle cap for an Augmented Reality coaster

Engage your customers and save the environment.

6. Collect points and claim rewards

Whenever your customers scan a bottle, a bottle cap or bar codes with the use of a dedicated AR app, the application rewards them with a point. Collecting a certain number of points allows the user to share this information on social media and claim a gift.