EHS Training – traditional method vs virtual reality

Health and Safety Training – How many of us remember this topic as tedious lectures at universities?  The rules that must be followed in the workplace, written down on several A4 sheets, which we must read? Even in high school, we had to get through EHS lessons, remember? We remember.

It is obvious that this topic cannot be considered as trivial. It is very important to adhere to the prevailing rules. It is an inseparable element of the company’s operation. As it is known, an employee should not be allowed to perform tasks that may cause damage to health if he/she does not have sufficient knowledge about the provisions and rules of SHP at work. Now the question remains, is there another way? How to spice up EHS training for employees, students, which is not only required, but also much needed.

Technology will always find a way to do it. This is the case with virtual reality/augmented reality (VR / AR). How much more interesting would it be to go through all the SHP rules during the VR application, instead of reading them from a piece of paper?
A great example here is the project created by us for BASF company:

BASF we create chemistry black

You can prevent even serious injuries, and most importantly, learn the hard way, but in a virtual reality. The use of simulations on VR / AR devices has the great advantage of mapping accident situations at workplaces. Thanks to this, it is much easier to recognize the potential problem that may occur during work, as well as when we are just designing a workplace. Using the above-mentioned simulation illustrating the accident, training materials can be developed, thanks to which we will increase employees’ awareness of hazards occurring at workplaces and related risks. It has been known for a long time that learning through the process of play is the best, and not only for children. The experience that VR gives is so exciting and incredible that we remember them for a very long time. The more we involve the human brain to the effort, to analyse the given situation – the more effectively we will acquire specific knowledge. VR / AR will motivate you to gain new knowledge through completely new experiences. Because this is what it is all about, a real encounter with a given situation.

VR googles controller

The company Qatar Airways provided its employees with training in the preparation for dangerous work while servicing their aircraft. As it is easy to guess, making a mistake while handling such a huge machine can not only be expensive for the company itself, but more importantly, it results in a threat to the employee’s life. On the other hand, virtual trainings are completely safe and can take place at the headquarters of Qatar Airways. The use of VR / AR is possible in many areas. However, the examples above are just a handful of what gives us a virtual reality.

What was once impossible, today is a fact. Let’s change everything around us. Our companies, ways to learn and acquire knowledge for the better. Thanks to this technology, it is possible.